Biomind LLC: AI + Bioinformatics

Based in Rockville Maryland, but with customers spread far and wide, Biomind LLC has offered data analysis, consulting, research and software development in advanced AI-driven bioinformatics since 2002.

We are experienced with SNP, gene expression, neuroimaging and many other kinds of bio data.  Our uniquely sophisticated AI methods go far beyond textbook approaches, and have been well honed via many years of practice, both in our own research projects and in collaboration with our government, corporate and university customers.  Some of these methods are embodied in our OpenBiomind software toolkit, others remain proprietary.  Biomind also has exclusive rights to the application of Novamente LLC‘s proprietary Artificial General Intelligence technology in the genomics and proteomics domains.

Complementing our advances in bioinformatics methodology, we have had many biological successes via applying these methodologies, including:

If you’re interested to work with us, please email and let’s discuss how we can help.